The power of images in the real estate industry

The power of images in the real estate industry

Pictures of houses are crucial, real estate players should be aware of this!

Pictures have played an important role in the sale and rental of houses and flats. Still we see displayed in the windows of estate agents where they catch the eye of passersby. But they are now part of the marketing methods that rely on visual means to generate interest from potential buyers and tenants and encourage them to find out more about a property.

Today, one can explore visually the interior and exterior with a simple click on photos, through simulations QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) almost three-dimensional, or by video. All these techniques give the visitor the feeling of being “in place” without traveling to the property itself.


These are photos that predominate over all other methods of presentation of a property. They give visitors the chance to judge the scene of a glance, rather than spend time watching videos or browsing of websites QTVR sometimes inconvenient.

The panoramic views are popular, they allow to present, in a single view, all the walls of one of the rooms. This gives attractive images but the perspective is distorted, up to an odd or even false sense of space in a room. QTVR images are distorted in the same manner.

Beautiful pictures of your property taken under its best angles often make the biggest difference in terms of the interest it arouses. It follows that quality photography is essential – and the choice of a specialist photographer architectural images, or of immovable property is the best decision you can make. A professional photographer will not only have the equipment you need, it will also have the look you need, whether for light, composition, and to see how best to capture the image of a property in order to show its potential. For good photos, the lighting is right and gives the feeling of space while conveying a sense of the environment to give the visitor the feeling that he can practically move in the picture and imagine that it is the landscape itself.

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Some areas require the use of artificial light sources while for others, the natural daylight is sufficient. Sunlight and blue sky are favorable but not always necessary: number of photographers in the real estate field have used Photoshop for the weather to be presented in the best light. Some professionals also use a technique called “high dynamic range imaging” (high dynamic range imaging – HDRI).



By this means, they compress into a single shot several levels of exposure of a scene (light to dark) to ensure that the details of the exterior and interior are visible, and technical photography has traditionally struggled to master. When done well, this approach is an effective way to make a scene. However, the HDRI is a sensitive technique, and if it is abused, the results can give a gaudy print or even that of a painted picture. Photographers must have colors and natural contrasts, with the details you need in the most important areas of each scene.

Find the Perfect Photo make an area attractive and welcoming, she will create a habitable atmosphere. Visitors should also be able to imagine their own furniture and other items placed in this space, or in the garden. It is therefore important that the personal effects of the occupants in place are removed so that the places seem as neutral as possible. Lights and lamps must be lit to create a warm atmosphere. Windows, walls, floors and the kitchen worktops must be impeccable, and the cables and cords hidden.

Another incredibly important to view the pictures of real estate on the Internet is the size and resolution of the photos themselves. With advances in technology, many Internet sites devoted to real estate can handle large image files and it would be to your advantage to upload images of the highest quality. Caution, do not resize images repeatedly, the image quality will suffer – and avoid enlarge photos of small dimensions. To save an image in JPEG format, set the setting for high quality. Remember that back up again a jpeg file, including with different quality settings, will also result in degradation of the picture.

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It is very advantageous to always think in terms of quality at any stage whatsoever of the photographic process. Quality pictures in turn give quality air to your property. They ensure that first impressions, the most important, that clears your property are positive, drawing the eye in the windows of agencies and standing out from the million other ordinary pictures found on the Internet.


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