Being happy at work improves productivity!

Irregularities mark the rate of growth of labor productivity in industry: the downturns succeed in acceleration phases, linked to the business cycle.

These changes in a short or medium period are explained by the time of employment adjustment to production, according to the well-known productivity cycle mechanism. But the slowdown in productivity after the two oil shocks, durable, have been interpreted regarding structural breaks.

Our purpose is to show that these breaks are only apparent because they are part of a slow movement already at work in the sixty decades.

The diagnosis is based on the consideration of a usually overlooked factor, and yet has a strong cyclical dynamics: the productive effort of labour, or extent of use of the work, which can be estimated from specific questions in the business survey in the industry.

Applying to the actual degree of use, we can approach the real amount of work involved in the production, much less inert than one job. The parallelism of short-term fluctuations in production and labor activity and calculated leaves a redacted productivity trend of its cyclical component.

It shows the remarkable overall consistency of the slowdown in gains for thirty years, but also an almost common destiny in the main industrial branches.

Office Life

The more an employee is happy, the more effective in its work it will be.

Work faster and better


Remember to take proper breaks!

“Companies like Google are investing more in support of the employees, and the result is that they were satisfied,” said Andrew Oswald, one of the research directors.

“For Google, this satisfaction was up 37%, they know very well what is at stake. In scientifically controlled conditions, make them happier employees pays off.”

“The momentum seems to be: employees make better use of the time available, that is to say by increasing the speed at which they can work without sacrificing quality,” adds his colleague Daniel Sgroi.

What specific impact of these findings in business?

The authors of the study, the issue had been anticipated. They thus argue that the experience of chocolate and fruit was performed because they are small rewards that are easy to replicate in the real world.

Well-being at work is as important as the salary

The feeling of well-being at work is even more sought after by employees that a high salary, according to the findings of a recent study. In fact, over 40% of workers say they can change jobs because of a bad atmosphere at work. 25% of them, this change could be due to a conflict with a superior, and 18% would leave their current jobs because of unbearable colleagues.

Good relations with colleagues and superiors at work is paramount, which can be difficult when, for example, we are working in open space, because colleagues constantly surround us.
But if one has some keys to work well in open space, one can make the workplace a pleasant place for professional life.

Three tips for being more productive at work

Improve working time


Always try to keep a smile on your face!

To work well, it is important to organise its beaches and to set specific goals and timetables so as not to cut in full swing.

Faced with requests, appointments or personal obligations, it can happen that you were not working the way you want, especially if it is the first experience alternately, for example.

Try to define your working time according to your requirements, and not leave you distracted in the middle of a record to finish or task at hand. If your colleague offers a coffee break while you are in the middle of something, do not be afraid to refuse, offer to postpone the break time you finish.

Make one small task multiple times is often less productive than if done splint until the end.

But do not forget to take breaks

However, the breaks are important, even if they consist only stretch your legs two minutes in the hallway. In fact, your mind needs to air out.

There are several rhythms that you can test to see which suits you.

Otherwise, you can tune two breaks of 15 minutes per day outside lunch, morning and afternoon.

Go get some fresh air, stretch your legs, grab a coffee with your colleagues but do not think of your work. No matter how you are invested in your tasks, it is important to be free of the mind to put it better.

Be organized

It sounds silly to say, and yet it is not that easy for most people: indeed, it is important to be a minimum ordained order to navigate in its tasks, starting with your desktop. Unnecessary bulky object your office can be a barrier to productivity. Your desktop is not left since the same problem can be seen: every unnecessary file should go in the trash, and similar data should be grouped.

To be more organised, you can make lists. Indeed, this list can help you prioritise your tasks, separate the urgent from the important group similar tasks and set goals. The important thing is to put aside as much as possible multitasking experience make several things at the same time does not help you finish faster, quite the contrary.