All there is to know about drone racing

All there is to know about drone racing

Contrary to what you may be thinking, racing drones differ significantly from commercial consumer-grade quadcopters such as the new DJI Mavic. Racing drones are medium-sized quads, custom built for competing purposes in first person view racing, besides the trending drone racing competitions held in the main cities worldwide.

Unlike the drones used for taking videos in real estate for instance, or perhaps, those used in surfing competitions, racing-grade quads are incredibly powerful and in most cases, custom-made by the owner to achieve the desired result, which is winning the race. If you are interested in the latest craze, – drone racing – here is all you need to know.

Amateur Racer?

an-example-of-lightweight-drone-for-racingIf you are just making a debut in the drone racing scene, it would certainly be in your best interest to start out small. It means going for the inexpensive ready-to-fly mini drones designed for beginners just like you.

The bottom line here is, you obviously are going to crash a lot before going pro and hence, paramount to learn the ropes without burning holes in your pocket or losing valuable resources while at it.

Investing in ready-to-fly mini-drones as a beginner is therefore of paramount importance and to some extent, inevitable. There are many good beginner models you can opt for, such as the popular Hubsan H107DX4 Quadcopter. It’s light, durable and cheap – the perfect cocktail of features for any beginner.

Buying a Drone Won’t Win You Races:

If you’ve been to one of those drone racing competitions, you are probably aware of the fact that most of the competing drones are customised and for a good reason.
Generally speaking, drone racers tend to tweak their aircraft a lot for that extra edge. To win, you need to continually upgrade the drone’s technology – modding – by installing new gears and making tweaks to your advantage.

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In a nutshell, there are a few steps to follow if your primary goal is winning one of the coveted drone racing titles.

For starters, you should carefully pick your racing league and class so as not to make an embarrassment out of yourself. Signing up for a class made of high-powered drones with a standard quad can be frustrating. Secondly, choose your aircraft kit, RC controller, flight controller and FPV gear very carefully. Finally, modding your aircraft regularly until you win would certainly be in your best interest.


Introducing drone racing to a bunch of kids!

The Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, drone racing is all about preference, meaning you have to decide whether your goal is to sign up for racing leagues or perhaps, compete in more formal match ups within your locality. In short, the race setting should dictate the type of aircraft, FPV gear and controller you go for.

While your budget should also be factored in your ultimate decision, remember that drone racing is purely about fun, so no need to sweat it or go beyond your means. There is a tonne of drone racing leagues all around the globe, and chances are, there is one close-by already and if not, should be coming soon.

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