About Us

investmentWelcome to Grid Work, a unique wealth and investment management firm! Using a holistic financial approach, we educate our clients on how to grow their assets and obtain financial independence. While many other firms exclusively serve a wealthy clientele, we welcome individuals and families at all stages of their wealth accumulation journey.

Through our investment strategies-combined with financial, tax and legal planning-we believe it is possible for clients to accumulate substantial wealth throughout their lifetime. With respect to clients, our mission is to provide the highest level of personal service and ethical standards. We seek to recommend the most suitable investment based on our in house investment research. We work with our clients to increase their understanding of personal finance and assist them in creating a financial plan.


We are located 3136 Sarah Drive Lake Charles, LA 70601

Phone number 337-498-4736

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Make sure you call our office for any inquiries you might have or simply pop into our office for a quick chat and coffee.